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Hatshepsut was a powerful and loving female Egyptian Pharaoh (1500-1450 BC). 

She was a prolific builder creating Deir el Bahari with her consort Senenmut, and Obelisks in Karnak. She heard about the precious healing ingredients from the land of Punt and traveled there to RESEARCH them and learn about their healing properties. This voyage was the first recorded plant expedition EVER from which she returned with Boswellia, Frankincense and Commiphora myrrha, Myrrh Trees in order to share these powerful healing plants with her people. They were planted in her garden at Deir el Bahari, Djeser-Djeseru (Holy of Holies) which was filled with herbal medicines and protected by crystals. These aromatics were used to fight plagues in that they were highly antimicrobial and were used to treat infections. They were so referred that they were used in sacred ceremonies and to aid in the journey to the afterlife. Hatshepsut brought back the trade routes that were lost in the time of invasion prior to her reign. She was not a conquerer but a healer of her people. 


Like Hatshepsut’s garden we share with you these sacred plants as well as others she nurtured like castor and Star of Bethlehem. She did not merely travel to obtain goods but to transplant so she could create her own line of healing remedies. 


It is a mystery where Punt was but it had a reputation as the land of aromatics and precious plants.  It has been 3000 years since Hatshepsut made her journey and 3000 years that Frankincense and Myrrh have been used medicinally and for skin care.  We thank her for her courage to explore healing and strive to do the same with Hatshepsut's Secret face and body care. 

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       Journey to Punt

          Deir El Bahari 

men carrying trees to the ships at PUNT.webp
Returning from Punt
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