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Your 4 Steps to Beautiful Skin



1 - Apply Gentle Facial Scrub - this light scrub is for daily cleansing and a daily light scrub. Gentle Facial Scrub-Toner - Microdermabrasion, - Cleansing, tightening antimicrobial  SHAKE WELL, cup palm and pour enough liquid to cover entire facial area.  Apply generously and leave on for 2 minutes. This is a good time to open your heart and take a deep inhale and exhale, do a slow Sun Salutation while saying - I AM STRONG   - I AM SAFE    - I AM HAPPY -  I AM HEALTHY  - I AM HEALED. Rinse well, then use our Toner/Serum or Spot Elixir.

2-This all in one TONER/SERUM Aids with Blemishes, Hydrates, Tightens, Regenerates Cells, Improves fine wrinkles, and Promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. Spray generously on face 

OR  use Alchemical Spot Elixir SERUM for Eczema, Pimples and Itchy Dry Patches 

3- Moisturize with This luscious, creamy  whipped lotion is an alchemical feat. Choose from Frankincense or Rose

4-Apply our Lucious Lip Gloss for healing lips and our all natural makeup to enhance your glow

Yoni Care 

1- Our Toner/Serum is for more than face care. It's healing blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and other herbs are soothing for minor irritations and itching. Spray on vulva and labia. OR use our Alchemical Spot Elixir for itching that is persistent. 

2-Use our Yoni Salve as a vaginal lubricant. Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant. It may be useful in  endometriosis in that in clinical studies Artemisia showed to be apoptotic to endometriotic cells. 

Pain Care 

1- This remedy has been helping athletes and people with back pain for years. Castor Oil packs are an old remedy that go deep to heal muscles and relieve pain but they are messy and hard to use. Our salve combines castor oil with herbs to penetrate deep for optimal relief. Cover area with salve and cover with towel or old clothes that you don't care if they get stained with the oils. This is a deep healing and may take hours to absorb so use when you have time to rest. 



PAIN SALVE - A family member sent me a salve called PAIN Salve to try that she buys from a vendor in CT.

I have tried a lot of different products for neuropathy pain as I've had an MS diagnosis for 25 years and have significant neuropathy. PAIN Salve helps so much to alleviate nerve pain enough so I can fall asleep more easily. 

After a recent fall I rubbed my legs and sore knees and ankles and it also helped so much with the stiffness and swelling too.

I think anyone who suffers from nerve pain should try this soothing sauve., SINCERELY LD


Spot Elixir Pictures before.                           and after

Patrice McCarthy  Eczema before.png
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