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Nutritional Consultations

What you eat impacts your physical health as well as your emotional health. Nutritional consultations help you to discover what nutrients your body needs to be in balance. It is like magic! 

Lyme Disease 

Chronic Lyme disease can cause Chronic Pain and Fatigue. Through herbal formulations, proper nutrition and supplements you can feel better. 

Your Healing Path Options

Package One - Initial Consultation - I review your history, blood work and diet. You will receive a plan for a new diet, recommendations for supplements/herbs and lifestyle suggestions. One on one  session is one hour plus 1- 15 minute follow up -within 2 weeks after 1st visit. The first two weeks you receive unlimited texting or email to answer your questions about your session - $300.  Follow up visits are $100 and timing of these visits will be discussed as you progress.

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Package Two - Initial Consultation to review history, blood work and nutrition. You will receive a plan for diet, supplements/herbs and lifestyle suggestions - one hour plus 1-15 minute follow up, within 2 weeks after initial visit. Monthly follow ups for 6 months, 45 minutes each. This includes unlimited text and emails to answer questions about your session throughout the 6 months. $800

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