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Face Care - Truly Natural versus Industry 

 I recently attended an event that was created for the Face Care Industry. It was my first time at one of these and I was excited to see what was happening. My own face care line seemed so simple, herbs and nature. I thought surely there would be much to learn there but much to my surprise, what I learned was that the Face Care Industry is indeed a business. I know I should have known that but…They strive to create something new each year that you “need”. The new latest and greatest. I was led to what they called a lab. As a researcher this was exciting to me. When I entered the lab there was a man in a lab coat at the front of  the room. I must admit the look was impressive, there were tables set with beakers and Bunsen burners and bottles of oils. I sat in the back to watch and discovered that they have one recipe for the year. This year it was a moisturizer. It had about 21 ingredients. The recipe was then followed by the attendees who had all the ingredients laid out in front of them. They could then add a choice of essential oils. They were told that they had created a formula in conjunction with a scientist in that they had added to the creation. They could then go out to the rest of the event and purchase those items. I felt upset and disappointed. I had actually worked for three years to create my moisturizer with much trial and error. Simple as my recipe is with whipped Mango butter, Shea butter with added pure essential oils of rose or frankincense I found the beauty in this simplicity. I left feeling blessed for my journey through science and nature. My formulas are not based on the “thing” of the year, but on ancient wisdom. Frankincense has been used for face care since the time of Queen Hatshepsut. She traveled to the land of Punt after learning of the healing properties of frankincense and myrrh. This formula has worked for over 3000 years. It is surely not the flavor of the year. I value the centuries of wisdom and proof and pass this on to you with my skin care line Hatshepsut’s Secret.                                                    

Exit Eczema spray


At my Alpaca Sanctuary I rescued an alpaca who had severe skin issues, alpaca mange/ eczema. His skin was raw, dry and peeling and in some places bloody. The Veterinarian came to the farm and tried a few things and finally gave up. I knew it was up to me. I mixed some essential oils that I felt would be helpful and made a spray. I sprayed him twice a day and at the end of the day would use my Soothing Salve on him. Let me tell you, it is interesting rubbing an entire alpaca with salve. Within a month and a half he was fine and his fiber was even growing back. The Vet returned shortly after and was standing next to him. With sorrow in her eyes she dropped her gaze and asked where the alpaca was. I said “right next to you.” She turned her head and looked at my boy who was in full fleece with great skin and sadly said, “no the one with the really bad skin.” I said, “right next to you.” She could not believe it.


I told my son’s friend the story and she held out her hand for she had eczema. She asked if she could try it. I gave her a bottle and within two months, she too had beautiful skin. I began to share it more and more. One day I was selling it at a farmer’s market and a man came up to me with horrible eczema all over his hands. He said he would buy the remedies and come back in a week. I told him it would take more than a week to work and his case was severe so may take awhile. He bought it and returned the next week. To my utter surprise his hands looked beautiful. I am happy to say that the combination of spray and salve has since helped many people with eczema.


If you ever saw MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING where the father sprayed Windex on everything and it worked you will understand the next part of my journey. I began to spray it on everything and to my surprise it was working on everything, dry skin, pimples (now it’s the basis for my Spot Elixir for pimples), itches, and even as a disinfectant. I did this on my family, my dog and my alpacas and it all worked.

If you have eczema try the Exit Ecz spray. Spray 2 times a day and at the end of the day add the Soothing Salve. Don’t put it on right after the spray for you want that to soak in and work for at least 15 - 20 minutes. The Soothing Salve is oily. You only need a little, rub in well.

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