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Lyme disease

Judy's clients include many who have chronic symptoms of pain and fatigue creating a devastating impact on daily life. Judy's herbal remedy has shown in clinical studies to help over 200 people  with these symptoms. Many felt that they were able to return to a happy healthy life in two months time, although some took longer. Nutritional consultations in conjunction with the herbs are of added benefit. Lab tested for safety and analyzed with High Performance Liquid Chromatography for standardization.

Nutritional Consultations

Package One - Initial Consultation to review history, blood work and nutrition. You will receive a plan for diet, supplements/herbs and lifestyle suggestions - one hour plus 20 minute follow up. $200.  

Email for you appointment

Package Two - Initial Consultation to review history, blood work and nutrition. You will receive a plan for diet, supplements/herbs and lifestyle suggestions - one hour plus 30 minute follow up

monthly for 6 months

Email for appointment at


I just wanted to tell you of the great results my family and I experienced using Bb Be Gone. My mother had it (Lyme Disease) the longest and worse with chronic, severe knee inflammation, fatigue, dizziness and eyesight loss. She had taken three different antibiotics and months of treatment and the symptoms only got worse. After two weeks of Lyme Be Gone her knee reduced to normal size, her fatigue disappeared, her eyesight improved and she was able to start exercising again! She said the treatment was like a miracle. My father and I both suffered from arthritic joints, fatigue and eye blurriness. We both dramatically improved after only one week of Lyme Be Gone. This was after we tried many different natural treatments to no avail.
It is a life changing project and I hope you can and will get the word out and help all those suffering with Lyme. I know I will. 

Thank you, Steve Z 

Dear Judy, I was feeling awful for years and had tried everything and was giving up hope. After the Bb be Gone I felt the sun on my face and went for a long walk, something I had not done in 5 years. Thank you so much. Sylvie 

Tyler C wrote: Hi Judy! I've been on the Bb be Gone for about 4 months now and it is the only remedy that has noticeably improved my symptoms even after taking multiple cycles of antibiotics. 

Nicholas N wrote: Hi Judy The first Lyme out break I had a rash behind ear, high fever, achy body and general flu like symptoms. All other Lyme outbreaks seemed to be relapses from the initial Lyme infections. I never really had the rash or the flu like symptoms. Mainly achy joints, and worn down feeling that was making me feel bad. I was put on doxy before the test results and told it was a good precaution since the tests are not accurate. Not sure if I felt any benefit from the doxy in the relapses of Lyme. That is when I went on Bb be gone and it totally rebooted everything all symptoms went away. A year later I felt a little bubble of something and a little depression and I did another round and I no longer have that depression and after 2 weeks was fine. 

Maggie wrote - Hi Judy,I wanted to let you know how wonderful Georgia is feeling after taking the Bb Be Gone . She is symptom free and her migraines are almost non existent. She looks like the picture if health after a very long battle with Lyme. I cannot thank you enough she has so much energy and can enjoy life. I am thinking about taking the tincture to see if it reduces my migraines because inflammation is such s strong component of my lyme as well. I will keep you posted. And again thank you for your work !


Dear Judy,I want to thank you again for your remedy Bb Be Gone . My daughter had struggled with a recurring 

abdominal pain and high fever that neither a pediatrician nor naturopathic doctor could diagnose or cure. After these episodes had repeated at intervals of 1-4 months over a period of 2 years from the age of 3 to 5, I began to think this could be Lyme's disease. When I heard of your herbal remedy I thought we should give it a try. After one week of treatment she was a new child! Her appetite increased markedly, and she became much more pleasant on a daily basis. We had no idea that her appetite or attitude had been so compromised. It has now been 6 months since giving her the Bb Be Gone , and she has not had any of the symptoms! She has filled out and is healthy. It really worked! 




Dear JudyYou have saved our beautiful Australian Cattle dog Gracie. She was diagnosed with Lyme's disease in June 2014. Her birthday is July 2013. She responded well to antibiotics the first course. Over time, she did well, a little on the heavy side... overweight! ( My bad!) In April of 2015, she started limping and her right leg was affected,,,, my husband, Steve, thought it was the Lyme, he was right, so we started antibiotics again, but she was not tolerating them well. We were told it was her weight, and changed her diet, stopped the treats, gingerly walked her,,, after losing about 8 lbs., it didn't make a difference. We were also giving her Tramadol almost every night. We have a wonderful dog walker, Ryan, and our wonderful trainer Yvonne. They are both family to us. Ryan would walk her carefully, start out okay, but sometimes she was having none of it. Honestly it broke our hearts. We didn't let on, in front of Grace, but one night late December I felt so helpless, went in a room, away from Gracie, and cried. Gracie would get up and push her right leg out and was so lame, we didn't know whether to walk her or not. We didn't know what to do. Countless trips and calls to the vet, started her on antibiotics again in late December, and then the one and only Yvonne contacted me, did some research on herbal remedies and got me in touch with you. Gracie started on the Bb be Gone the evening of January 17th and completed it the morning of February 8th. However She started to respond within a couple days! It was astounding. She was back to herself again. By the 2nd week, Within a week, she was happy and not as depressed, and neither were Mom and Dad! Now Ryan walks her and well, sometimes, she is off and running! Running!!! She has NO limp... I have not had to give her any Tramadol since she started the first dose. When I walk her, sometimes, I have to run to keep up with her,,, same with Steve. Leaps, jumps, bounds. I have a small football, as she is a Patriots fan too, (!) and last week I threw it across our yard,,, no kidding,,, she caught it, and ran!!! She scored a touchdown! 

Seriously, you have saved her and made us happy and whole again. You have renewed her 'puppyness'. It is heartfelt that we are eternally grateful, to both you and Yvonne, for leading us to you. We thank you in our prayers every night. 

Sincerely,Steve, Erin and Gracie !!!! 

My dog was completely paralyzed from Lyme. The Vet said it was the worst case she had ever seen. We put her on the Bb Be Gone right away and within 2 days she walked into the Vet., not well but walked. The Vet was shocked. Ten days later she was totally fine. One year later some symptoms bubbled up but were much less. We went on the Lyme Be Gone again and she was fine in about 2 weeks. 

From Wendy D, My dog was really sick the Bb be gone got her back to health in 2 weeks, she ’ s doing great now. 

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