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About Us

Founder of Home Harvested Herbals -  Judy Apicella  MS, CNS, is a practicing Herbalist, Nutritionist, Researcher and Author. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist®, credentialed by the American Nutrition Association® through its Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists™. She started Home Harvested Herbals in the Wise Woman tradition of sharing remedies with her neighbors and friends. Soon after people were, literally, knocking at her door to ask for one of her creations for their problems. Judy then started selling her formulas at local Farmer’s Markets. Demand grew rapidly and Home Harvested Herbals expanded. Judy’s inspiration from Queen Hatshepsut, who was one of the few female Pharaohs of Egypt, guided her to create Hatshepsut’s Secret. Egyptian Queens were known for their beautiful complexions. Judy’s Frankincense Toner has aided hundreds of people over the past 9 years in healing blemishes, and her Spot Elixir, in clinical studies helped eczema spots and pimples disappear.  In a world filled with filters for phones Judy strives to bring healing to you so you can feel confident in YOUR skin.  Her facial and body care line combine traditional herbal remedies with research. 

Hatshepsut journeyed to expand her knowledge and Judy’s research lead her to be the recipient of a Grant to do extended research on her herbal remedy for Lyme disease which has helped numerous people in clinical histories over the past 14 years. Judy loves herbs and research and believes that we must understand the traditional use of these amazing plants and combine it with science so we can expand their use. She researches and tests every formula with the strictest of standards before she will sell anything. Judy homesteads on her alpaca sanctuary where she rescued and cares for these beautiful beings. She sustainably harvests herbs from her land and gathers others from sustainable sources as well. All of her products are handmade, so be patient with us if we run out. She is the author of Witch Judy. 

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