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Microdermabrasion, - Cleansing, tightening, antimicrobial deep cleaning. Follow with Toner/Serum for hydrating, and healing blemishes and red spots. Follow with 

Spot Elixir -Eczema, Pimples and Itchy Dry Patches Home Harvested Herbals combines Hatshepsut’s research with our own current research to create magic for damaged spots. Our personal research in clinical histories, showed that Hatshepsut’s Alchemy significantly reduced the symptoms of Eczema and large pimples. Yarrow has shown to aid in acne and was traditionally used for wound healing. Affirm - I wipe away rough spots on my skin and in my life. Spray affected spots twice daily, let dry This product goes well with our Frankincense and Rose Lotions-apply 1/2 hour

Gentle Facial Scrub and Spot Elixir combo


    Scrub - With Gentle Minerals of Natron, Yarrow, Queen Anne’s Lace, Artemisia Annua, Sage and Elderflowers

    Elixir-All natural ingredients Sustainably harvested Frankincense from Somalia, Oregano, Rosemary, Lavender, Yarrow, Star of Bethlehem, Queen Anne’s Lace and Dogwood.

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